We make you win: Mediametrie.

How their new product won them markets and awards.
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Our customers Kantar & Médiamétrie have been awarded the Silver Trophy at the prestigious Grand Prix Syntec Council for the RateOnAir audience meter product.

The original press release here.

What’s the product?

RateOnAir is a portable meter in a smartwatch form-factor designed to extend audience viewing and listening measurement to out-of-home media consumption. It uses watermarking technology to capture all content and advertising consumed by audiences with high granularity on a wide frequency range.

How RateOnAir delivers audience analytics.

How did we add value?

Mediametrie brought the concept and basic functionality requirements, we handled the rest: engineered the whole product solution to cost, specs & lead time (electronics & mechanical design, firmware & custom Android ROM) and then scaled manufacturing beyond tens of thousands already.

Main achievements?

  • Reduced quality defect rate down from 30% from previous supplier to sub <1%. This resulted in increased revenue and predictable profitability.
  • Created a custom-made individual anechoic chamber to allow for 100% batch automated test of audio frequencies on production lines. Transparent and systematic quality reported to the whole stakeholder chain.
  • Simpler supply chain management: just like pushing a button, we handle all operations.
  • All source codes and IP duly protected and transferred to the customer.
  • Scaled manufacturing < 50 000 pieces and counting!

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