Culture Manifesto.

There is no magic formula for a great company but shaping a strong culture is a great place to start.
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How do you build a great company?

The type of company that will attract great Customers and Hires all the same. The type of company that delivers on its promises of course, that's the minimum, but also inspires people. Well, at Supernova, we think that there is no magic formula for a great company but relentlessly shaping a strong culture within it sure is a great place to start!

This post actually started as an internal company wiki for new hires & sales account managers to understand how we move around here. But after discussing times and times again, we felt something was wrong.

Why preaching transparency and keeping this wiki internal? We are what we decide to be so why not letting everybody know? At the end of the day, our endeavor, albeit valuable in itself, is only represented by a few lines on a paper whereas in order to really live up to our values, we must apply them every day. It then became clear: what's better than accountability to make sure we live up to our values every day? Heck, that's when we decided to publish this wiki online and turn it into a Culture Manifesto.

It definitely isn't perfect, it will most likely change as we human change but trying to live up to those values and apply them in our daily work or customer interactions is what's the most important in the end.

Success comes from Customer’s Success

We do not want to sell to our prospects or clients.

We are willing to ask questions & listen to their answer in order to understand their need.

Once we understand their need, we can then tailor the best solution for them.

You need to make sure that our business really fits their needs, even if it means ultimately turning down their business or introducing them to a better option. Make sure they succeed before we do.

Customers buy what they need. We do not sell them what they don’t need.

There are no Problems, there are only Solutions.

The Service we provide to our Customers must be Solution-Oriented.

There might be problems along the way but it is our mission to provide our Customers with the most cost & time effective solutions for them.

Even the most complex problem has a solution, talk to your expert team.

Customers don’t work with us to avoid problems, they work with us because they know we can solve them.

Transparent & Direct Communication

Creating hardware technologies & products from scratch, it is reasonable to think that challenges will occasionnally be met. Our mission is to find & solve the problems so we can create the best product, not pretend problems don’t exist.

Communicating with our Customers, always set the right expectations. Always give an accurate description of the current advancements when the customer asks so, even if it means giving bad news. But remember, bad news must always come with a solution to them.

Customers value honesty & direct communication.

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